Is Sikhism a blend of Islam and Hinduism or a sect of Hinduism?

It is only due to a shared geographic culture that some ideas or methods of these different religions may seem similar. Sikhism is in fact a unique revealed religion. It is not derived from any other religion. It is not a blend of any two or three religions. Guru Nanak started a new faith.

The uniqueness of the Sikh faith is immediately apparent if you understand the main philosophies and practices of the Sikhs. In fact Sikhism questions, challenges and rejects many of the practices of Hinduism and Islam. For example, according to Sikh teachings, all people are created equal regardless of gender, status, geographic location, and religion affiliation. Sikhs strive to achieve a balance between spiritual life and temporal life.

Sikhism condemns empty rituals. Sikhs do not believe in pilgrimages, idolatry or reverence to pictures. Sikhs believe in practices such as daily prayer that instill understanding and discipline.